Wednesday 21 January 2015

I'm 23 today! To mark the occasion, I thought I'd share 23 things about myself with you. I did a 25 Facts About Me post back when I first started blogging in July 2015 but a lot of the things I included have now changed, like I now love tea. I blame my boyfriend for that change, as he brings me tea (and biscuits) in the morning. Anyway, here's 23 things about me...

  1. I like to think of myself as a feminist, maybe a liberal feminist, but I disagree with a lot of the views and actions of hardcore feminists. 
  2. The two things I hate most are sexism and homophobia. 
  3. I work in retail but I hate it. I long for a 9-5 office job where I can put my degree to use. 
  4. Some of my favourite holidays happened in 2014: when I spent a week in Dorset and then Gran Canaria with my boyfriend. 
  5. I worry far too much. I'm a huge overthinker and I wish I would be more laid back sometimes. 
  6. The most expensive item of clothing I own is my prom dress from Year 11. It cost £180 and was from Monsoon. I'd never wear it again, it's not really my style anymore. 
  7. I was bullied in school and called dumbo for my sticky out ears. You can probably see them in the above photo. They may stick out but I've grown to love them. 
  8. I feel a little bit lost at the moment. I've been in my job since August 2013 and I feel like I want a life change to spur me on. I guess that's what your 20s are all about. 
  9. I cry at any sad thing on TV. Comic Relief is a no no for me, unless I want to end up with a tear streaked face. Such a baby.
  10. My favourite takeaway used to be Chinese but it's changed to Indian. Again, I blame my boyfriend for this change.
  11. I want to take a year out and travel the world. My first time on an airplane was in October and I think I've caught the bug. I'm off to Egypt in April too. 
  12. My favourite album is Goddess by Banks. I loved her throughout 2014 and I literally cannot stop listening to her music.
  13. Summer is my favourite season by far. I always thought I liked Winter, and I do, but I can't stand the dark nights. 
  14. If I could meet anyone, alive or dead, it would be Lena Dunham. I called her my inspiration in my 25 Fact About Me, and that hasn't changed, especially since I read her book whilst I was on holiday. 
  15. Scandal is my new obsession. Kerry Washington is fierce and I want all her clothes from the show. She rocks the all white look. 
  16. I've said this before but I only really started wearing make-up last year. I stuck to foundation and eyeliner, and when I was younger I loved a bit of glitter. FYI I hate glitter now.
  17. One of my dreams is to write for a living. I'd love to make this blog a full time thing or work for a magazine. 
  18. I'm happier when I'm by the sea. I used to holiday in the Isle of Wight, and last Summer in Dorset, and I sleep better and just generally feel better when I'm by the beach. I want to go to Brighton this Summer too. 
  19. I would love to go to Rome and see the Colosseum.
  20. I don't enjoy flying at all. Something so big just shouldn't be in the air. I understand the physics of it but it still makes me feel nervy. 
  21. After watching Frozen at Christmas I became a little obsessed. I watched it again on Boxing Day and even put on my make-up inspired by Elsa with a berry eye and lip. It's such a cute film!
  22. My favourite pieces of jewellery are things I got for Christmas: a Vivienne Westwood necklace from my parents and a Pandora bracelet from my boyfriend. 
  23. I wish I had more confidence in myself - something I'm aiming to work on this year. 


  1. happy birthday!! :)

    i'm scared of flying too and Banks album is also my fave!

    hope you have a lovely day :)

  2. Aw Happy Birthday to you. We were born in the same year but you are a couple of months older than me.

    I was also bullied thought out my childhood and even in high school (scary place out there).

    I wish you all the best with your travels and I sure hope your passion for writing grows even greater.

    I only wear eyeliner really but I started wearing other make-up products last year (kind of weird).

    Thanks for sharing more about yourself.