Wednesday 16 July 2014

I'm a huge fan of Barry M's Gelly range for nails so when I saw they were releasing Gelly lip products I instantly headed into Boots to buy a couple. I've been using these for a few weeks now and I think I've finally come to a conclusion: they're ok. Just ok? Here's why...

When it comes to Barry M, I'm besotted with their nail polishes, especially the Gelly range. It's simply amazing! Carrying on with the range, 5 lip shades have been released: Alpha (bright red), Electra (hot pink), Sirius (dark pink), and the two I own - Vega (berry red) and Capella (light pink). There's quite clearly a focus on pinks and reds in this collection. It will be interesting to see what other colours Barry M release, if they actually release any more.

The crayons are meant to ultra-rich with a highly pigmented formula, and added shine. It certainly does what it says on the tin but there was something about these that I just didn't like!



  • The shades are really pigmented, which is pretty amazing considering how shiny these are
  • The smell - especially Vega, I actually think it smells like berries
  • Unlike a lot of other crayons there's not any more product hidden away once you've finished what's there
  • The colour IS pigmented but it doesn't last long at all
  • It's hard to apply, as you can see from my attempt with Vega (definitely use a lip liner)

I'm quite picky with my lip products. I love wearing lipsticks and glosses so I know what I like, and there's just something about this Gelly offering that has me truly turned off. The shades are quite bold and pigmented, but way too shiny. As I've said before I love a matte bold lip. 

Sorry Barry M, I'm not sold on this. 

Gelly Hi Shine Lips - Sirius


  1. These look gorgeous on the lips but it's not great that that's all the product you get. Do they not sharpen! Xx \
    \ }

    1. Well apparently they do sharpen but you'd definitely need a certain type of sharpener - totally not worth it in my opinion! xx

  2. Vega is a beautiful colour, but I wouldn't want to go through the effort of using a liner as well! That's a shame x

    Colour Me In Blog

    1. You'll probably be better than me at applying it - definitely give it a go, it's a lovely colour :) x

  3. I really love the colours so gorgeous hun, I hate using lipliner but I have really come round to glosses over summer- I used to be obsessed with matte like you xxxx

    1. Thanks! The colours are quite nice, I just don't get on with the formula. I like some glosses - like the Maybelline ColourSensational ones! Perfect for Summer :) x

  4. These look gorgeous, sorry to hear you aren't really getting on with them! The packaging is similar to the Nars pencils and they sharper with a regular double sharpener, hope that helps :) x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  5. Hi lovely
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