Tuesday 9 September 2014

To condense all that's been going on in my life lately is a bit ambitious, especially considering I didn't write a single post throughout August. I guess I was taking a much needed break. I needed some time to reflect on my blog and how I want it to be. I love writing about fashion and beauty but I feel like I want to spend a lot more time on lifestyle posts, as those are the ones I enjoy writing, and reading about, the most.

However, I'm not promising my content will be consistent. Sadly, I can't churn out posts every day or even every week but that's ok because it's about quality over quantity - at least I hope so.
So, I'm finally writing again after my August hiatus and here's just a little insight into what I've been getting up to:

I spent over a week in Dorset and it was so lovely. We got up to so many things, and it was wonderful to be away from London for a while. The first few days consisted of watching the greyhound racing and completing a 10k bike ride. Now, I'm not the most unfit person but the cramp I had the next day, after the bike ride, was horrible! I felt like my legs were going to drop off; it was so painful. Maybe that's a sign I need to start going to the gym?!

Monkey World
After a day of touring the New Forest in an open top bus, we visited Monkey World. They're my favourite animal so it was amazing to see so many up close, including this chimpanzee, who looked so chilled out whilst having a lie down in some hay. It was sad to hear about the conditions the monkeys had been rescued from but heartwarming to be told about their new adventures in the rescue centre.

Spending the day in Weymouth was lovely. We got to watch Punch and Judy, eat some fish and chips (mandatory when you're at the seaside) and play in the arcade.

We also visited the Sandbanks. We played some crazy golf - I lost but not by much and I was actually winning at one point (I have to mention that!)

We also managed to see Durdle Door, which was beautiful. I wasn't a massive fan of the steep climb up there but I didn't fall down, despite a few slips (winning!)

We got up to a few more things but it's a lot to write about so I won't bore you all with every detail. It was an amazing week. So amazing that we wanted another week away as soon as possible so......

We're off to Gran Canaria!!!! It's actually in 30 days now and I'm so excited! I have a confession: I've never been on an airplane and I've never been abroad so this will be my first proper holiday. I'm a little bit anxious about the plane but I'm sure it will be fine. A week away in Gran Canaria - absolute bliss!


I've been getting into the Spanish spirit with some Sangria on my lunch break at work. Definitely didn't realise how strong it is! 

I've got a lot to look forward to over the next couple of months, including another weekend away in Dorset and Gran Canaria - so so so excited!

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