Thursday 30 October 2014

Shopping is one of my favourite things to do on a day off. Believe it or not, I used to hate shopping for clothes, and I would always pick the drab tshirts with kittens on. I've noticed how much my style has changed recently. Instead of veering towards patterns I'm looking at plains. That might just be because Winter is fast approaching but this haul is full of plains and basics, and pieces missing from my wardrobe. Be warned, there is a lot of grey but that's just what I'm after this season!

Let's kick things off with Primark - this jumper is beauuuutiful. When I first saw it I didn't think it looked like it was from Primark at all (part of the appeal). It's cropped with crochet detailing at the bottom, with horizontal stripes running through it. It was around £10 I believe, although I haven't kept the receipt and I can't look it up online.

I like detailing on jumpers; I spotted a similar one in Hollister not too long ago but it was just plain grey and was much more expensive so I'm very happy with this purchase.

Smart but chic, I love the jumper/shirt combo. The great thing about this is that the two come together so it's less of a faff to achieve this look. This is another Primark bargain at around £10 too. It comes in other colours but I chose grey so that I could wear this with my burgundy jeans. It's a lot longer than you might think because of the drappy oversized shirt look underneath.

I'm not sure whether I'd wear this with a statement necklace or leave it on its own. Also, ignore the creases you might see. My wardrobes are a little bit full at the moment!

Now onto Zara.. I don't feel like this photo does this top justice. It has a cape back so it shows off some flesh - not too much - for a sexy nighttime look. It's quite formal so I would wear it with a blazer, rather than something like a woolly cardigan. It was only £19.99, which is a great price considering how expensive it looks.

I also think navy is a go-to colour for Autumn/Winter. My mum read in a magazine somewhere that navy is a suitable colour for older women but I think it looks good whatever your age.

This jumper first attracted me because it's something I don't usually go for. I don't own anything with jewellery included within the fabric so I was a little bit apprehensive when I took it to the dressing room. The colour contrast, monochrome effect is striking and a little bit different from other jumpers on the high street right now.

I'm planning on wearing this with my black jeans and smart black coat for a further monochrome effect, although I might add my new burgundy bag from Primark (you might see it in a future What's in my Bag post - keep your eyes peeled for that!)

I featured these shorts in my Holiday OOTD post. They're from Topshop. They're pretty much perfect all year round because of the deep red colour. The scallop edge is a little bit different and sets these apart from other shorts I own. I wore these on holiday with a white top, but you can wear black or any other colours too.

Bare legs in Summer and tights in Autumn/Winter!

I luuuurve this top. I love the way it hangs and it was a bargain (for Topshop) at £12. There were loads of other colours but I wanted this one because I didn't actually own a plain, but dressy, white top. I said it in a previous post that Topshop's basics are good quality, and probably my favourites out there right now.

I'm eyeing up the pale pink and blue versions now!

Please ignore the creases in this photo - I am truly awful at sorting out my clothes! This is another purchase from Topshop. I was umming and ahhing about this dress for quite some time. I actually bought it on the 3rd time I tried it on. I liked it and it was a reasonable price but I didn't know whether I really needed it in my wardrobe. Then I got a tax rebate and I thought: why not?!

This dress has an overlay and a cut out back, which makes it daytime and nighttime appropriate. I haven't actually worn this yet but I'm looking for a smart occasion for when I can whip this on. 

Yes I know, another grey piece! I've said this before; I hated crop tops before this year. I didn't like my belly being cold. When I got off my holiday I wanted to show off my tan, even though the weather was horrible and I couldn't really wear a vest top and shorts. Enter this crop top! It made me look more tanned and I even got compliments on how brown I was looking. Success! 

Topshop have loads of colours in their crop tops and I want a couple more when I next pop by. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing what clothes I've been buying lately. I haven't bought these in one go - it was over the course of 1/2 months. Some of the things in the primary photo I'm going to talk about in a later date so you'll hear about my fox gloves soon!

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Image 5 of CAPE-BACK SHIRT from Zara


  1. Ok everything is beautiful I love the top primark jumper but as I scrolled I LOVED everything xx


  2. I saw that Primark jumper and fell in love but they didn't have my size :(

    Alice | Aliceallure