Wednesday 26 November 2014

Last weekend I spent most of my time with my boyfriend. I hadn't seen him for two weeks, which is a long time for us, so we got up to lots of things - starting with a trip to Harrods. It was a wonderful weekend so I thought I'd share some photos with you. 

I've only been to Harrods a couple of times so it was nice to go back at Christmas time to see the decorations and the windows. Their windows are amazing and truly a work of art. I thought changing the window in my shop was hard, and that was just a cardboard fireplace and some fake candles. This was on another level of creative and was getting so much attention from the passersby. 

We spotted J.K Rowling looking at Christmas crackers. I was a little bit scared to go up to her because I didn't want to come across as a massive Harry Potter fan girl so I just left her to peruse the Christmas section. Now, thinking back, I wish I went up to her but oh well! 

Harrods Bear
Harrods Bear
We spent a good 2/3 hours walking around before our tummies started rumbling. But Harrods food is quite expensive so off we popped down Knightsbridge looking for some lunch. 

After eating our sandwiches in Caffe Concerto, we decided we wanted to be venture down the King's Road and have a drink or two. The thing about the King's Road is that it looks amazing on T.V (*cough* Made in Chelsea *cough*) but in real life it's just your normal high street. We nipped into the Chelsea Potter before heading for more drinks around Leicester Square and Covent Garden. 

This is why I love living in London! Knightsbridge to King's Road to Covent Garden in a few short hours. 

Reindeer Christmas Decoration
The next day we drank tea in bed whilst watching Home Alone - my favourite Christmas film - before heading to the local garden centre to look at their decorations. I absolutely loved them and got far too excited. I just love Christmas! I even think the decorations were better than those we saw in Harrods the day before. Bit controversial, I know. 

I now want this reindeer set up in my front garden. Too much?  

Lumbini Uxbridge Curry

In the evening we went for a curry and it was oh so good. I always said I preferred Chinese food to Indian but that is most definitely changing since I've been with my boyfriend. His curry was insanely hot and nearly had me in tears. I don't do spicy very well! 

We enjoyed a few drinks and then went back to his to watch X Factor. Is anyone else loving the singers in it this year? 

On Sunday, we watched The Hobbit in 3D and enjoyed some tea and biscuits. It was a lovely way to spend a relaxing Sunday. 

It seems a bit silly writing an entire post on my weekend but it really was so nice spending time with my boyfriend. Hopefully we can get more weekends like this soon! Tonight we're off to see the latest Hunger Games film. So excited :) 

Have a good week!


  1. I totally used to prefer chinese but indian is amazingggg, what a fantastic day I love harrods so much xx


  2. This sounds PERFECT! I'm not sure I'll be able to go to London this Christmas again, but it always looks so lovely in photos! It sounds like you had the perfetc mix of busy and relaxed :)

    Two weeks ago I had the perfect sunday, watchign the Hobbit (SNAP!) and eating nachos in front of the fire :)

    Jo xx

    She Wears Burgundy