Wednesday 25 September 2013

I've seen this tag on lots of blogs, most recently on Blue Bow. I love all things Autumn so I thought I'd give this tag a go! The only thing I dislike about Autumn is that I'm always ill when it comes around. This year is no exception (I'm currently in my Hello Kitty onesie as I write this).

1. Favourite thing about Autumn?

My favourite thing about Autumn is definitely the cosy evenings spent indoors with PJs on, and a good book or film. I love the crisp mornings where I can layer up with jumpers. I've loved how hot this Summer has been but I've been looking forward to Autumn for the jumpers, hot chocolate, boots and scarves. 

2. Favourite drink?

Last year I would have said hot chocolate but now it just makes me feel really heavy. I do, however, like the Galaxy ready made hot chocolate that you put in the microwave with marshmallows on top. It's absolutely delicious! 

3. Favourite scent/candle?

For Autumn and Winter I usually like vanilla scents. I don't buy candles much but I always turn to vanilla or lavender scents because they are quite calming. I use my candles as earring holders because I rarely use them. 

4. Best lipstick?

I'm going to be difficult and say that I avoid lipstick during cold weather - my lips are really chapped and I haven't found an effective lip balm so please recommend some good ones if you know any!

5. Go to moisturiser?

At the moment I'm using cocoa butter for my legs but I think I'm getting really bored of the smell. At first I loved smelling like a walking, talking chocolate bar but now the smell is getting a bit weird. I also use Vera Wang Lovestruck body lotion - it works really well as a moisturiser! 

On my face I use Nivea Light Moisturising Day Cream. It's not too heavy on my face and doesn't clog my pores.

6. Go to colours for the eyes?

I'm very boring and I normally don't wear eye shadow in the day, except for nighttime where I wear eyeliner and browns/blacks. I used to be a lot more daring when I was younger and wore blues and purples. I wish I was that daring now!

7. Favourite music or band/singer to listen to?

There's not a particular band/singer I listen to this time of year. Today I'm seeing Fleetwood Mac, which I'm so excited about! My favourite song is Dreams so I can imagine I'll get a bit emotional when that comes on. I'm also loving The 1975 at the moment, their album is on my wishlist!

8. Favourite outfit to wear?

I purchased a jumper from Urban Outfitters last year with a dinosaur on - it looks like a Christmas jumper but is much cooler than that. I wear it with my black Topshop Moto jeans and boots from Internationale.

9. Autumn treat?

Any sort of chocolate like Roses, Quality Street etc is an Autumn treat. I guess that's more Christmassy but my parents have already started stocking up for Christmas and it's hard not to sneakily eat a chocolate or two haha. 

10. Favourite place to be?

I'm going to be quite cheesy and say my favourite place is with my boyfriend, eating a Chinese takeaway and watching a film or TV. I always like our date nights too, we go to the cinema followed by a meal at a restaurant. I won't be seeing him very much at the moment so spending time with him is always lovely. 

much love, 

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