Wednesday 11 September 2013

It's been a few weeks since my last blog post because I've been busy at work and seeing my boyfriend before he goes back to university. But now I'm back with lots of ideas for posts, which I can hopefully keep up to date with. Fingers crossed!

A couple of weeks ago, over bank holiday weekend, I went to Thurlestone in Devon with my boyfriend and his family. It took about 7 hours to get there because of the huge amount of traffic coming out of London but we got there in one piece on Saturday, ready for some sunbathing, swimming and dinner.

Thurlestone Hotel

After a little bit of exploring and getting comfy in our lovely room, it was time for dinner. But I had a bit of a nightmare with my evening wear: my white playsuit was more see through than I initially thought and my black dress had a stain on it. So I put on my mustard coloured skirt but managed to stain that in the process of getting ready. I ended up wearing my back up dress. I didn't take any photos that night, for obvious reasons!

Sunday began with a continental breakfast and a trip to Bantham beach.

Bantham Beach

Whilst the others surfed, I sat on the beach trying to get a tan. I can't swim so going in the water was out of the question! We stayed for a while before the weather got a bit grey and we decided to get fish and chips in Salcombe.

Grey Salcombe

Regardless of the weather, we still managed to explore Salcombe, have fish and chips for lunch and an ice cream. I felt like a little kid back in the Isle of Wight again, it was lovely to be in a small town away from London.

We soon returned back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. The hotel staff kindly washed my skirt for me and I managed to get the stain out of my black dress. I was extra careful getting ready and a lot happier that I had things to wear in the evenings.

I wore my black New Look dress with wedges and a necklace from Topshop. You can see the burn I got from the towel rail in this photo. I somehow managed to burn my arm on the boiling hot towel rail. That was the first night where I stained all my dresses haha. Things were not looking good for me. But Sunday made up for it and I managed to enjoy my evening and drink a little bit more alcohol.

Yummy Cocktail


Monday was spent with my boyfriend exploring the hotel more and going to Thurlestone beach. You can't go to Thurlestone without going to the beach! It was quite a nice walk but it was so hot that day. I was sure to stock up on water and lotion!

Here's a picture of me in front of the Thurlestone. The hotel overlooked it and it was really pretty. The water was freezing and my feet went a bit numb but I still loved watching the little dogs run in, including a tiny pug who had to be careful the waves wouldn't drag him out to sea.

We headed back and spent the afternoon by the pool for a while. I've got quite a nice tan after it! We then decided to go to the Spa. It had a sauna, a steam room and another relaxation room (I think that's what it was). It was much too hot for the sauna so we spent 5 mins in the steam room until I was sweating buckets. Then to the pool and jacuzzi before dinner.

Our Last Night

I was sad to be leaving so I drank a bit too much wine on the last night! I managed to wear my new skirt though but was worried I'd end up staining it again. Luckily, I didn't and I managed to enjoy the last night with dinner, cocktails, wine and a spot of table tennis at the end.

On Tuesday I left, ready for 3 days back at work. I wasn't too sad about leaving, although I had a fantastic time, I'll be back again in November for my boyfriend's parents' 50th birthday celebration.

much love,

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