Thursday 12 September 2013

A few weeks back, I wrote a post about ordering the nail art strips by Avon. They are £4.50 per strip so I decided to get two: Mosiac Flowers and Racy Lacy.

I've never used nail strips before but they were pretty easy to use. The original strips come up huge but you just have to cut around your nail with scissors (I used clippers and proceeded to file my nails for a better finish). They don't advise you to, but I added a top coat to ensure they stayed on.

Day 1

I went to Devon with these nails; they underwent packing and unpacking, swimming pools, showers, and lots of other activities. I went to work with these nails and they didn't chip once. After 3 weeks they were still in perfect condition, until I started to peel them a little bit out of boredom!
3 Weeks Later

I don't know why I kept them on so long - they looked really nice and I got lots of compliments on them. If like me, regular nail polish chips off your nails hours after you apply it then I'd 100% recommend these design strips. They are easy to apply, stay on for ages and come in lovely designs!
Get to Avon quick and buy some in lots of different designs. I'll definitely be buying more!

much love,


  1. Hey i love these i have brought 2 sets of these can't remember which ones but i haven't used them yet, and plus my mum is an Avon lady so i'm looking through oh and buying the book every single time :) i'm deffo going to try these now and 3 weeks is a long time :) . great post xx

    1. Aww, you should definitely try them out! Apply a top coat as well after you've finished. I've seen some reviews where people haven't and the nails begin to peel quicker. Thank you :) xx

  2. Ooh I can't wait to try these! I get so excited for doing my nails, haha :)

    Lovely blog btw - I'm following you on GFC & Blog Lovin! xx

  3. They are really nice, definitely get a few different sets too!

    Aww thank you :) x