Wednesday 3 December 2014

It's that time of year where your Bloglovin' feed is full of gift guides and wishlists in time for Christmas. I'm not a huge fan of wishlists but I thought I'd do a little one for Christmas. My birthday is in January so this can be a wishlist for that too! Giving the boyfriend ideas *wink wink*.

I included a mixture here because I didn't want it to all be related to beauty and clothes. No one ever buys me clothes, not even my parents, because I'm really picky so I usually get vouchers. Works for me! 

Mick Fleetwood's autobiography might seem like a bit of a weird one but I love Fleetwood Mac. I went to see them last year and I'm going again next year. Can't wait! I read The Rosie Project a few months back so I was excited to see there is another book out. That went straight on my list. 

How pretty do the Urban Decay eyeliners and NARS lip pencils look? I love lip products and eye products so these two are the perfect presents. 

I hope you like seeing what I'm lusting after this Christmas. What's on your list?

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