Saturday 28 March 2015

I'm actually writing this in the middle of the week because I'm off to Dorset on Thursday through to Sunday, so I'll be there as you're reading this! I'll tell you about everything we got up to next week but in the meantime enjoy reading this week's antics!

On Saturday, I attended Afternoon Tea at The Savoy in London for my boyfriend's mum's birthday. I wrote a post about it a few days ago, which you can find HERE. In a nutshell: it was a perfect day! It was decadent, delicious and we left feeling delirious from our sugar intake.

I'd like to try other Afternoon Teas like the one in The Ritz and the ones with an Alice in Wonderland and Willy Wonka theme too so watch this space!

The sun was shining bright the next day so we popped to Richmond for a walk near the River Thames and a cider in Pitcher & Piano. It was actually really warm so it was lovely to finally soak up the sun and enjoy an ice-cold Strawberry and Lime Rekorderlig by the river. 

The rest of the week has been spent working hard and spending quality time with my other half in Dorset. I'm writing this on Wednesday so I'm hoping we've been getting up to lots of fun stuff - check back next week!

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