Saturday 21 March 2015

I'm bringing back the 7 Days Lately feature to my blog! I love reading these kind of posts, so I wanted to give it a go again. I can't promise I'll do this every Saturday but I'm going to try! Hopefully it will motivate me to fill my week up with lots of fun stuff to tell you about. I hope you've had a great week!

The week actually started with a trip to Bicester Village. I know it's meant to be discounted products but I still couldn't afford anything. I must wait until I can actually afford something before I go there again, although I was lusting after Vivienne Westwood's bags and Kate Spade's purses!

On Wednesday, I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum to attend the Alexander McQueen exhibition, Savage Beauty. I've always been a fan of Alexander McQueen but this exhibition only intensified my love of his designs. I didn't take any photos inside because I wanted to respect the no photography rule. I loved his tailored pieces through to the more extravagant Horn of Plenty. You could really see the development of his work, and the inspiration he took from Romanticism. It was tragically beautiful and the feminist undertones were prevalent throughout. He wanted women to be feared and respected. His designs show the beauty, and the savagery, of the human psych.

I had some time to look around the V&A, however there wasn't enough time to look around everything. It's a beautiful building with a vast collection of history. I'll most certainly be going back and taking a thorough look round.

I've been experimenting with make-up this week, and have actually tried contouring. I think I'm getting much better! I'm nowhere near Kim K levels of contour but I'm getting somewhere at least. I've been using Sleek's bronze and highlight kit.

I had an unexpected visitor in my garden on my day off. It was a Border Collie who somehow found its way over five fences from my neighbour's house into my garden. He was loveliest dog and I now officially want one.

That's it for this week! Tell me about your week in the comments. 

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  1. Love this post =] I've had a boring week but next week will be better =]