Wednesday 18 March 2015

Sometimes we never stop to acknowledge all the things we're grateful for. We even fail to express our feelings of gratitude towards our loved ones. It's a very British thing to have a stiff upper lip; we say sorry for the smallest things, even those that aren't our fault, but it proves a lot harder to sit down and actually thank the people, the events and the moments we're grateful for.

I'm grateful for all the opportunities I've been given, and those my parents have set up for me. I'm grateful for all their support throughout my life. I never felt pushed to do anything I didn't want to do neither did I feel their disappointment if I tried and failed. Their motto is you can only do your best and it's been instilled into me from a very young age.

I'm grateful for the friends I don't see often enough. The catch ups, the hugs, the tears at our tough times. The mutterings of "everything is going to be okay", that wasn't believed at the time, but proved to be true. I'm grateful for their insight even if I didn't believe it then, I do now.

I'm grateful for my better half; the one that walked in at the right time and made me feel loved when rejection had filled my heart for so long. I'm grateful for the memories we've shared, and will share in the future.

I'm grateful for the bitter cold on a Monday morning that wakens my senses to a new week. I'm grateful for the sunny evenings that spell the start of Summer, and adventures to be had.

I'm grateful for the books whose words fill my head and those I seek in dark moments.

I'm grateful for the songs that heal the loneliness on a sad day, and the lyrics I plaster in my notebooks to look at after the sadness has passed.

I'm grateful for sadness because it makes the happy moments seem so much better.

I'm grateful for the kiss on my forehead every morning to waken me from my sleep, and the touch of my hand as a reminder of his presence.

I'm grateful for all the things I know I'm going to be grateful for in the future.


  1. This so beautifully written Cally - a true pleasure to read and so many wonderful things to be grateful for. Have a lovely day :)

    Jo xx

    She Wears Burgundy

  2. This is absolutely beautiful and I totally agree we say sorry far too much for everything. sometimes it gets beyond silly! I actually find it embarassing and hard to express this sort of emotion out loud to people really xx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  3. Beautiful <3


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