Wednesday 3 February 2016

I have a love/hate relationship with MAC. On one hand, I'm obsessed with their lipsticks. *Hands up who loves Crosswires as much as I do!* But on the other hand, MAC is bad for my bank balance. I could pop in to have a quick look and come out with 3 lipsticks and a new 217 brush.

I managed to avoid all shops and counters throughout Christmas until those dreaded Winter sales. I've added 3 new lipsticks to my collection last month and I am in love with all of them.

I've heard good things about Mehr from the blogosphere, particularly in Lily Pebbles' videos - she's always raving about it. It's a lovely warm toned pink, and a Matte shade. I think this is the first Matte I've used from MAC but I could be wrong.
I'm officially obsessed with this shade! It looks really sophisticated for both day and night so could be paired with natural make up or more of a smokey eye. Considering it's Matte, it's not too drying on the lips. And is relatively long lasting.

Yes, I gave in to the Kylie Jenner hype! I'm not usually a fan of nude shades but this is more of a browny nude so doesn't look like you painted over your lips using your foundation. I hate that look! This is also another Matte shade, and just like Mehr, it isn't drying on the lips like I usually find Mattes to be.
I've only worn this once and on the whole I liked it but I need to be careful what make up I have on because it can wash me out a bit. Maybe it's best to pair Velvet Teddy with heavier make up and more of a dramatic eye look.

I picked this up on a whim on my birthday because I really liked the look of it when I swatched it. However, after wearing it once I think it looks a lot darker on the lips.
It is a dark berry/mauve shade - perfect for Autumn/Winter. It's definitely a buildable colour, and looked a bit too dark to be an everyday shade when I first applied it. However, I think I will really enjoy finding the best make up look for this lipstick.

From top to bottom: Amorous, Mehr and Velvet Teddy

I got a voucher for MAC on my birthday so I'm looking to expand my collection even more. I might have invest in a good foundation or start building my own eye shadow palette. What do you recommend?


  1. Great post. I just can't go into MAC to browse. Something will always be bought. That Mehr looks gorgeous! You can't go wrong with their eye shadows they are lush!x