Wednesday 24 February 2016

Another month, another fitness update. This month has been a lot tougher than the last. Not because my motivation has wavered (although it is easy for it to lull in February); mainly it's down to fitting workouts around my schedule at work. When you're working a 9-7 shift there's little time for exercise unless you wake up at 5am or go to bed at midnight, and I'm not one for sacrificing my sleep. However, I have managed to introduce two new things into my exercise this month.

I finally went to the gym! OK, it was just the once when I was at Stoke Park so it's not like I've signed up for anything but still. I've always had a fear of gyms. What if the people are super buff and judge me because I don't know how to use the equipment? What if I break the equipment?

I was over the moon, and should have really known, that no one cares what you look like in the gym. They are too focused on their own progress - rightly so. Dan showed me how to use a couple of machines, working mainly on legs, including the treadmill. It was less scary than I thought. Fear conquered! Now I might actually sign up for the gym.

The next bit of exercise is Kym Marsh's workout DVD, Power Sculpt. There are exercises for upper body, lower body and full body. The claim is that you continue burning fat 36 hours after these workouts. I've been doing upper body, using my Dumbbells, and lower body. And boy, do I sweat when I do these. Dan made me a workout plan that I've been trying to stick to but I don't think I've pushed myself enough because I've been alone. Having someone on the TV show you how to do the exercises, the timings and motivate you has helped massively. I might even pick up another workout DVD. It's just so convenient working out at home when your shifts leave little time for anything else.

I haven't had time for any yoga this month, which is a huge shame as I was really enjoying it. I have a week off next week so I look forward to starting it again.

Whilst I've been at work I've maintained my healthy eating, aside from a couple of slip ups with biscuits. They're just too darn good with tea when you're bored. My focuses for the next few weeks are to limit my bread intake, cut out chocolate (any other sweet treats) and to find healthy lunches to eat at work and on my week off.

On the whole I'm immensely happy I've kept off most of the weight I put on last year. In January I went from 9 and a half stone to just under 9, and I've been maintaining that ever since. It isn't all about my weight though - the main reason I started this was to tone up, start taking care of myself and to benefit my wellbeing. And I feel like I'm achieving all of these.

Here's to a healthy and exercise filled March!

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