Friday 31 January 2014

After going out for my birthday I was incredibly hungover. When I'm in that state only 2 things can help me: food and a Red Berry cooler from Costa. As it's a Friday you may be heading out tonight, unless you're like me and trying to save money for what you know will be an expensive February. So here's a few of my hangover cures...

1) Fry Up

You should get up and have a fry up! Sam makes an amazing fry up, and this is one he made for me a couple of weeks ago. The best thing to do on a hangover is to make a massive meal and sit in front of the TV. My favourite things to watch on a hangover are Made in Chelsea and The Only Way is Essex because you don't have to pay close attention to know what is going on.

2) Cake 

Follow the fry up with some cake. I had this Sticky Toffee Pudding from one of the eating places in my old uni when I went to visit Sam. It's amazing and it has honeycomb pieces on the top so it's extra yummy! Cake is good for any occasion, especially when you're feeling fragile. I'm craving some now from writing this haha.

3) Red Berry cooler (or any cold drink)

I can't rave about Costa's coolers enough. You can be really dehydrated when you're hungover, and I usually turn to cold drinks to make me feel better. I discovered the Red Berry cooler when I was walking back from an early appointment after a big night out. I'm so glad I discovered it because it's a lifesaver....so so so nice!

What are your hangover cures? Let me know in the comments!

love, Cally


  1. God, I really need to get Sam to make me one of his fry ups! Looks delicious!

    I normally crave meat-flavoured crisps, and food like Chilli Con Carne or Spag Bol with plenty of cheese. Once my boyfriend went and got me a subway which was like heaven! But I always find plain olf orange juice is my best friend! (not that I drink much any more!)

    Jo xxx


    1. He does an amazing fry up! I also love drinking juice when I'm hungover but I drink too much and feel sick haha.

      Now I'm just really hungry xxx

  2. I can't stomach food at all when I'm hungover! I feel so nauseous usually. I just seem to crave fizzy Vimto!

    1. I don't usually but I feel soooo much better after forcing myself to eat some haha x

  3. The fruit cooler sounds like a perfect hangover cure, definitely trying that next time I have a dreaded hangover!!

    Char x

  4. this has all made me soo hungry! Could really eat the fry up right now haha
    I'm a new follower :)

    Sarah xx
    I'm having a drugstore giveaway at the moment!

    1. It made me hungry from writing it! Thanks lovely xx

  5. I'm not even hungover and that looks amazing. Danielle xx