Sunday 27 October 2013

It felt a bit fruitless calling this "My Week #3" so it's now been renamed "Instagram Update" because the photos I take on Instagram sometimes don't truly show what I've been up to all week.

First up, I've had a hectic week! I was signed up to a recruitment agency, who are really good but they specialise in sales and recruitment. I did go to an interview in Kensington for quite a big company (I'm not going to name them) but I didn't get the job. The people at the interview were so different to me, and it helped me realise that my happiness comes before the amount of money I'm getting. So I'm going to take a risk and quit the agency because it isn't right for me, and I'd rather spend my time finding jobs I really want to do and doing what I love in the meantime. Wow - rant over! Even though going to the interview was a bit of a waste I did manage to sit by a garden and eat a blueberry muffin in the sunshine.

After my moment of clarity in Kensington, I decided to really get back into what I love - blogging! I've been blogging since July and it's been massively therapeutic for me. Some people bake, I blog.

And what also helps with happiness? Food, and doughnuts to be exact! Krispy Kreme have some cool Halloween themed doughnuts but I went for a chocolate glazed (like always). You can't beat a Krispy Kreme doughnut on a rainy Saturday.

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I hope you enjoyed an insight into my week, I know it's been a bit long winded this week but I thought I'd share what I'm getting up to! Next week I'm working everyday so I've been scheduling posts :) The week after I have the entire week off to spend with my boyfriend so expect some posts on the fun things we get up to!

much love, 


  1. Love these updates!Glad I found you pretty!!! <3

    1. Aww thanks lovely! I'm trying to make them a regular Sunday thing :) xx

  2. Great post! I didn't realise Krispy Kreme had Halloween themed doughnuts - I'll have to have a look :)


    1. Thanks hun! I didn't realise either until I saw the ones in Tesco. I think one was meant to look like a pumpkin :P xx

  3. Hey, I nominated your blog for the liebster award, basically just trying to give recognition to us small bloggers:) Read my blog post for info! ChloƩ xxx