Friday 18 October 2013

It's hard to miss one of the major trends at the moment - leather, or pleather as it's also known. It used to be a daring outfit choice but now there's so many variations available so it's much easier to pull off! I own a pair of leather look leggings that I like to bust out now and then from Miss Selfridge but my wardrobe is definitely missing these two pieces.

The shorts are from H&M and cost £14.99. They have a high waist to flatter your figure and hide any bits you aren't a fan of. I'm really in love with these, as I love wearing shorts with boots and a jumper in winter.

The skirt is from Zara and is a pencil skirt, priced at £29.99, which by Zara's standard is quite cheap! This is another piece that will look great with boots and a jumper or a cami. I'm in love with both pieces so maybe I'll wait till I get paid next month to get them.

much love, 


  1. I need to get more leather pieces -_- I think I have maybe one leather vest (: great post!

    1. Same here! All I own is leggings, we've got to revamp our wardrobes with some leather pieces :)

      Thanks honey! xx