Tuesday 31 December 2013

I hope you've all had a Merry Christmas and a fantastic year! 2013 has been an interesting year but I anticipate 2014 being ever better. I thought I'd make resolutions here so I wouldn't forget them and I'd have more chance of sticking by them!


  • Read more books: I love reading and I really enjoy the fact that I have time to read what I want without my degree dictating my life. In 2014 I want to read more books! Maybe even a book a week, or is that too ambitious?
  • Keep fit: I've never been to a gym but I think 2014 will be the perfect time to start going!
  • Get a job I actually want: I really don't like my job now so I hope 2014 will bring a new job with it. I know it's not easy to find a job straight away but I'm starting to make lists of things I want to apply for. I just need to rejig my CV a bit then I'm good to go!
  • Make more of an effort with friends: I think I've grown complacent recently with keeping in contact with people. I want to change this and make much more of an effort, especially now I'm not living that close to a lot of my uni friends.
  • Keep an eye on spending: I've already started doing this but I want to be really careful with my money in 2014. No more impulse buys! Well, I'll allow myself the occasional one :)


  1. Buy a domain name: I want Clothes Circus to be its own little website without the on the end!
  2. Google ads: I'd like to include google ads in my blog - I know this might not happen for quite a while but I'm hoping I can figure this out in the future.
  3. Buy a DSLR: I have a 16megapixel camera at the moment, which works just fine, but I want to invest in a better camera so I can focus on improving the photos on this blog.
  4. Make YouTube videos: I can watch beauty/fashion vlogs for hours on YouTube, and it's what introduced me to blogging. In 2014 I'd love to have my own channel to coincide with my blog. This is also why I need a DSLR!
  5. Be nominated for a blogger award: I enjoy blogging more than anything. Some day I'd love to be nominated for an award for it. This isn't something I'm looking for in the near future but it's definitely something I'm striving for in the long run. 
Hopefully I'll stick to my resolutions and plans! 2014 will be an amazing year, I can already feel it :)  Do you have a resolution for 2014. Let me know in the comments. 

much love, 


  1. Your goals sound very similar to mine! Happy new year, all the best in 2014 and good luck with your resolutions x x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. Great resolutions i hope you succeed in them all :) I posted some similar ones today! Hope you have a great new year :) xx

    1. Thank you :) sometimes I think they are too big to follow through with but I'll try my best! Happy New Year! X

  3. My resolutions are pretty much the same! ;)

    1. Aww that's good - good luck with them :) Happy New Year x

  4. I need to read more books too, im crap at reading!

  5. I've made a mental list of resolutions to keep to this year but think you've done the smart thing by writing them out and put them for all to see, you'll probably have a better chance at achieving them than me. Some awesome resolutions, best of luck achieving them :)

    1. Aww you should write your down and put them up on your wall so you won't forget them :) x