Thursday 19 December 2013

I haven't written many Christmas themed posts this December! I was considering doing a gift guide but they are everywhere, instead I wanted to show you the presents I got for a colleague (I'm her Secret Santa). The gifts are all from The Body Shop, as I love their products and I think a lot of their things make the perfect presents.

Working in a clothes shop can leave your hands feeling really dry! The size cubes you put on the hangers chip away at your skin until you're left with little marks and cuts. I knew I wanted to get my person a moisturising hand cream, and I've heard great things about The Body Shop's hand products. The one I decided on was Wild Rose Hand Cream in SPF 15. It smells amazing and is designed for mature skin, which is perfect as she's in her 50s. It costs £5 usually but I got it in a set with a nail file.

The next gift is the Born Lippy Pot Lip Balm in Passionberry. It was only £2 but I thought it might be nice to keep in her bag/pocket or to give to her daughter. It has a slight purple tint apparently but the reviews say otherwise!

What gifts are you getting as Secret Santa? Let me know in the comments!

much love, 


  1. I love the Born Lippy balms, they smell amazing & leave my lips so soft! x


  2. I was eyeing up that Body Shop hand cream set when I was out shopping for Christmas presents myself the other week - it looks a really handy set.

  3. I love the body shop hand cremes, the hemp and almond ones are my favourites :) B x

  4. These look great! I had to buy a secret santa for someone who likes a drink so it was wine from me! I bought my housemates gifts though, including shot glasses, a Cinders Lush Bath Bomb and a travel mug :) You can't go wrong with bath stuff though

    Jo xx

  5. This looks lovely, I always love the mini cream sets they look gorgeous xxx

  6. Body Shop products are always a winner! I am completely with you about working in retail - my hands are always sore :(
    This looks a lovely gift! xx

  7. I love the born lippy lip balms! I bought the whole set when The Body Shop was having a 40% off sale xx