Sunday 15 December 2013

Winchester is so beautiful this time of year - the cathedral looms over passersby in the bitter cold, as they hurry to experience the delights of the Christmas Market. Last Saturday I went with my boyfriend and his friends to the market. We weren't there very long but I managed to see some cool stalls and take some photos.

Amazing stall selling recycled metal sculptures of bugs, insects and other such things
Map umbrella
Satchels galore (my first blog post was about satchels - factoid for you)
Gorgeous lanterns
Sadly, the ice skating slots were all full up so we weren't able to go on the rink. I can't skate anyway but I was planning on watching my boyfriend skate (he's very good).

I went to the market last year but it seemed extra special this year. After going to Christmas at Kew and seeing the boutique market there, it was refreshing to see more affordable, and quirky, things on sale. I particularly loved the umbrella map, star lanterns, the satchels and the sculptures (all pictured above). I didn't buy anything because of my spending ban but I would have spent way too much money that evening if I bought everything I liked!

I'm really enjoying going to Christmas markets at the moment - my next stop is Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland! Watch this space!

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  1. I went to uni in Winchester and loved going to the Christmas market there! It's so pretty and they had the best crepes. X