Tuesday 11 February 2014

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To celebrate Valentine's Day on Friday, I've compiled a list of things you might want to buy for yourself, your other half or your friends. This is an ALTERNATIVE guide so it's best to not take my suggestions seriously.

Send a Valentine's Card

This one is pretty self explanatory. We all love receiving cards on Valentine's Day, don't we?! Most of them are pretty cheesy and it takes me a good 10 minutes to find a card for my boyfriend. I hate the "To the One I Love" cards, I'm 22 and that's too much commitment for me to handle on a piece of paper. 

But, how about this masterpiece, courtesy of Scribbler: 

Oh John, the way you make me reach for my inhaler is such a turn on. 
And they say romance is dead.....

Buy some chocolate

I know buying chocolate is the way forward nowadays so how about chocolate with your face on? I saw an advert for M&Ms the other day and you can now personalise them with your face ready for Valentine's Day! How creepy is that?!

So you can eat your girlfriend/boyfriend wherever you are. Hmm..romantic.

Get some flowers

Everybody likes flowers - they brighten up the house and look pretty on your desk. But even the prettiest flowers can be deadly, man-eating plants! Well, maybe not man-eating but they could cause some serious damage. 

Wow, they're so pretty. Thank you, you shouldn't....*gasp*

Oleander is one of the commonly grown garden plants in the world but is the most toxic. There were 847 human poisonings in the US in 2002 due to this plant. So don't be lazy, don't pick pretty flowers from a garden because you may poison your date/friend/yourself.

I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day whatever you're doing! 

love, Cally


  1. those m&m's are sooo weird yet I still want them! a few of my friends will probably be receiving a cheesy card since i have no one else to send one to *sigh*

    1. I wanted to send the M&Ms to my boyfriend but I think they're quite expensive. Cute idea though haha x

  2. Love this idea! I really like the funny cards like this one :)
    Sophie Clare x

    1. that card is probably the least romantic card I found on my search of the internet haha xx

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