Monday 24 February 2014

Fashion Haul

This is one BIG fashion haul to start off the week. Ignore the Lush bag you see in the photo - I'll be telling you about the products I bought in a later post. I bought this stuff over a long period of time but I got paid quite a bit after working over Christmas so I spent my money wisely. Ok, it probably wasn't that wisely but I love buying clothes! My mum treated me on Saturday with a trip to Westfield, which was lovely. Please ignore the background on these photos, I took them throughout the day so the pink of the wall looks like it's changing colour all the time! Anyway, here's what I've been buying....


Topshop Embroidered Flower Top
Embroidered Flower Top - £36
I love the fringing on this top - if only I had a festival to wear it to! It's see-through so I'd wear this with a vest underneath or a crop top. It's very deceiving on the website because it doesn't look sheer at all but you'll definitely want to wear something underneath. I loved this as soon as I saw it, I don't have anything like it in my wardrobe so it's something a bit different.

Topshop V Front Back Vest
V Front Back Vest - £20
I'm in love with this slate grey colour, it's really popular at the moment. I spotted this vest on Topshop's website but I hadn't seen it in store until I saw it in the "Last Chance to Buy" section. It was the only one there and it was my size - it was meant to be!

Topshop Rose Puff Drop Waist Tunic
Rose Puff Drop Waist Tunic - £24
How gorgeous is this dress?! It's very on trend at the moment with its dropped waist and it looks really flattering on. It was relatively cheap for Topshop at £24 and I've already worn it to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. You might have seen this featured in a previous post on the fashion trends of 2014 - you can find it HERE.

Topshop Petite Linen Mix Stripe Tee
Petite Linen Mix Stripe Tee - £20
I'd seen this top in a few different Topshops and on a couple of bloggers (The Beauty Crush and essiebutton). I'm loving stripes at the moment. Who isn't?! So I finally gave in and bought it!

Topshop Skater Flippy Tunic
Skater Flippy Tunic - £22
When I first saw these dresses I really didn't like them but now I love love love them! I like that it's a jersey tunic because it's really soft and it's got a flippy skirt to hide any bits you want covered. This is also available in other colours but I got the off-purple colour because I didn't want another black dress.

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Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Pins & Needles Lace Swing Top
Pins & Needles Lace Swing Top - £35
I don't think I can love this top anymore right now! When I saw it folded up on the table I knew I wanted it. I love lace and I love floral patterns so I nabbed it straight away. There's also a red version so I had an indecisive moment where I didn't know which colour to go for. But I decided on the white because I can put all kinds of different coloured vests underneath.

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H&M Fine-Knit Jumper with Leather Sleeves
Fine-Knit Jumper - £12.99
The faux leather sleeves are what drew me to this jumper. It's a really fine-knit so it's Springtime appropriate. The sleeves are 3/4 lengths and the jumper hangs slightly longer at the back. This jumper is good if I'm going for a more grungier look. 

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New Look

New Look Pink Floral Print Double Layer Sleeveless Top
Pink Floral Print Double Layer Sleeveless Top - £19.99
You know I love florals - well this top is perfect! It has a V neck and is angled at the bottom with a double layer. I probably won't get much wear out of this until the sun starts coming out more regularly. But for now I'll just gaze longingly at it, hoping the Summer will be a hot one. 

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River Island

River Island Blue Stripe Mon Belle Linen T-Shirt
Blue Stripe Mon Belle Linen T-Shirt - £18
I know this is grammatically incorrect but I like stripes and tops with French words on. Stripes and florals? I'm so easily pleased. I never shop in River Island, apart from the occasional top but this grabbed my attention as I was walking past. 

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Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins Petite Rose Print Tee
Petite Rose Print Tee - £8.10
I don't like Dorothy Perkins at all. I like their jewellery, bags and shoes but their clothes aren't my taste. But nothing was stopping me getting my hands on this floral top. I have a serious obsession with them! It was pretty cheap at £9 (I missed out on saving 90p, damn!)

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I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I know it might seem like a lot but I had vouchers to spend after Christmas and my birthday. I can assure you I won't be buying this much throughout the year (unless I get a fabulous job that pays me lots - I can dream). I bought some accessories as well but I'll leave that for another post. 

love, Cally

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  1. I really like the vest you got from Topshop, I might have to have a look int there myself!

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