Tuesday 1 April 2014

Bill's in Chiswick

Bill's is one of those places that has cropped up in many high streets over the past few months. I work in Chiswick - it's got some lovely restaurants and lots of coffee shops - and I've been excited to go into Bill's for weeks. I loved the look of it from the outside; the wooden chairs and shelves, the endless amount of jars and all the different colours decorating the restaurant. On a sunny Saturday evening, my friend and I decided we fancied some dinner after hearing great things about the menu. In we went, with rumbling tummies and high expectations. 

Bill's in Chiswick

We were worried it would be really busy, considering it was a Saturday night, but the restaurant was relatively quiet and we were seated straight away. Nestled next to the bar, we were in prime position for some people watching. I have a habit of this so I always like to be near the window in any restaurant or cafe. Even though it was quiet, there was a great atmosphere: our waitress was attentive and made recommendations, and the music suited the mood (soundtrack to Pulp Fiction - right up my street).  

After we were seated, we quickly chose our drinks. After long, hard weeks at work, we wanted something alcoholic. I decided on an Amaretto Sour, which was probably a bad idea now I think about it! Simron went for a Bill's Beer but wasn't too keen on it. I'd never had an Amaretto Sour before but I was pleasantly surprised. I would have liked if Bill's had more cider options but I wasn't disappointed for long, the cocktail had a lovely almond tang to it, perfectly cancelling out the lemon juice. 

The menu had so much variety but I didn't want to go for something typical like a burger; I've been to a lot of restaurants lately and just chosen the burger for its simplicity. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone so I instead went for the sage, lemon and broad bean risotto whilst Simron went for the Bill's beer-battered cod.

Bill's in ChiswickBill's in Chiswick

Bill's in Chiswick

I thought Bill's would be expensive but it was standard pricing for most restaurants. The risotto was about £9 and the fish and chips was around £11. Our food came within 15 minutes of us ordering and we didn't have to wait long for any type of service.

The risotto was tasty and there was enough for me to feel a good level of full. I hate feeling like I'm about to burst out of my jeans when I'm in a restaurant. Does anyone else get that? But I felt like the risotto filled me up enough (however, it didn't soak up the alcohol I consumed later and I was a little bit of a mess). Whilst I enjoyed it, it definitely wasn't the best risotto I've ever had. It was yummy but I wasn't massively impressed by it. I'd go back to Bill's though, but I'm sure I'll try something different next time - maybe even the burger (haha).

If you're ever around Chiswick, give Bill's a go! The atmosphere was vibrant and the food was good. Apparently their breakfast food is delicious so I'm excited to try that next time I pop in.

Let me know your thoughts on Bill's in the comments below!

love, Cally


  1. You look beautiful and the food looks delicious, we have one in Brighton so I will get round to going xxx

  2. I love Bill's and am so glad you finally went! I had a fantastic time when I went for dinner at Bill's in Cambridge. The food looks really tasty, especially the Fish and Chips. I recommend their more hearty options, especially the Specials - my Bangers and Mash were divine! They're meant to be good for brunch too so maybe one to return to one morning! I discovered Amaretto Sours a couple of months back when my housemate made one for me and they're delicious :)

    They're opening a Bill's near my hometown at Easter and I definitely have to drag my parents there to show them what the fuss is about!

    Great review, and looks like you had a good night! :)

    Jo xxx

    She Wears Burgundy

  3. I love Bills, I stumbled across it a few years ago when me and a friend typed "best brunch in London" into google and I've never looked back!

    Annoyingly now that I live in the North I'm without a Bills :( They don't have a restaurant anywhere near here, I did e-mail them to ask though and they said they are looking at spaces in Newcastle so HURRRRAY! I really hope it opens soon! x

  4. Great post, it looks like such a lovely place! xx

  5. Ah I've been to this exact one, it's great! xo

  6. Thank you for sharing! I hope to hear more updates from you!