Tuesday 22 April 2014

Yes, another haul! After the heaviness of my last post, I think we need something quite lighthearted. On Sunday I went to Southampton to spend the day with my best friend. We watched films, had a Chinese and drank some wine then went shopping the following day. I definitely needed the retail therapy! I love a good haul, and it's something I'm always doing on this blog, so I hope you enjoy seeing what I bought.

I love the basic t-shirts in Topshop but I think they can be quite expensive. I was on the lookout for a plain grey top to wear with skirts/shorts and a statement necklace. I found one in Topshop but it was £16 so I thought I'd look elsewhere - PRIMARK! Let's take a moment to appreciate the brilliance of Primark. You can get your basics like underwear, pjs and plain tees but also some lovely statement pieces: I bought a maxi dress from there the other day, and I know I'll get lots of wear out of it come summer. In a nutshell - I love Primark! Anyway, back to the grey top search... I found this one in Primark for £4. You can't go wrong for that price so I quickly snapped it up. I also bought the two necklaces you can see in these photos, but more on that later.

Black Crochet Trim Skater Skirt from New Look
I love plain black skirts. I actually don't have many but I really loved the crochet detailing at the bottom. I'm currently building up my summer wardrobe - I want to wear more skirts and shorts, and this skirt is perfect. I can tuck camis into it or plain tees. Lots of shops are adding crochet to their clothes at the moment. It's a massive trend for Summer 2014. This isn't the only crochet piece I bought...

Crochet Shorts from Topshop

I love these shorts so much! As soon as I walked into Topshop I saw these and instantly grabbed them for trying on. These will be amazing in Summer when I have tanned legs (I hope they are as tanned as they were last year - I had an amazing tan). They are quite girly but I can imagine people wearing these to a festival. Speaking of festivals, I'm so jealous of people who went to Coachella! These shorts would probably end up very muddy if worn to a festival in Britain. 

I was never a huge fan of Primark jewellery but how cute are these?! Statement necklaces have been a big deal for a couple of years now, and are a perfect way to spruce up a plain tee or dress. I'm also loving midi-rings so I bought this set of 3 for £1.50. When I told my mum I bought jewellery from Primark she was unimpressed until I actually showed her what I bought. I'm so excited to wear these! 

Black (Black) Black Crochet Trim Skater Skirt | 304832401 | New Look

love, Cally


  1. I really love those shorts. I've been looking for a pair like that like three years in a row now. I'm definitely going to have to stop by Topshop now.

    1. Definitely pop in Topshop when you have the time! The shorts are gorgeous, and only £24 so not too expensive either! x

  2. I love those shorts, they are gorgeous!