Monday 7 April 2014

Urban Outfitters Haul
I've haven't had a haul post on here for ages. I'm partial to a good haul - I love reading about what other people have been buying, and I hope you enjoy seeing what I've bought. As I mentioned on my last 7 Days Lately post, on Thursday I went shopping in Westfield. I picked up a couple of things from the sale in Urban Outfitters. I can never usual afford their clothes but I was lucky with my picks as they were within my price range. 

Staring at Stars Kimono Sleeve Babydoll Dress
Staring at Stars Kimono Sleeve Babydoll Dress
There's a story to go along with this purchase: when I tried this on I wasn't sure whether I liked it. My mum thought the same. The fit was a bit strange - the sleeves were big, the dress was baggy but it looked cute from the side. I was conflicted about whether I actually liked it. I knew it would be a cute day dress addition to my wardrobe but I was too indecisive so I left without it. 3 hours later, after searching for another day dress, I sauntered back to Urban Outfitters and tried this on again, and this time I loved it! 

Blue is my favourite colour so I was instantly grabbed by this, and the pattern was ethnic inspired, which I've been loving recently. I also like its relaxed fit and the dropped shoulder effect. It's pretty perfect for an everyday look, but you can also dress it up for the evening. 

It used to be £55 but is now on sale for £30. UO's website says its inspired by Japanese kimonos so that's quite cool!

Pins & Needles Textured Bodycon Top
Pins & Needles Textured Bodycon Top
So, I don't have to tell you how much I love a floral pattern. I think I've mentioned that every single time I talk about clothes. When I spotted this bodycon top I knew I wanted it. It looks quite vintage, and was actually inspired by vintage designs (UO's website tells me). 

It's quite low cut at the back and the front so I'll hopefully have a tan before I wear this. Help me British weather! The material is a weird mix of Polyester, Elastane and Acetate. I work in a clothes shop so I always like to know what products are made of. I don't really like the material that much but it's a gorgeous top so I know I'll get lots of wear out of it come Summertime. 

It used to cost £30 but was reduced to £20. 


love, Cally


  1. Love both of these! The dress looks so cute and I look forward to seeing you wearing it. I think it's good to buy one or two things outside of your initial comfort zone (though I never practice what I preach!) otherwise your entire wardrobe will look the same (like mine...haha!)

    Love Urban Outfitters. I feel a spree coming on!

    Jo xxx

    She Wears Burgundy

  2. Hey! I nominated you for the 'Very Inspiring Blog' Award! I truly love your blog and you can check out the post and what to do here: http://pearluxe.blogspot.com.au/2014/04/very-inspiring-blog-award.html I'm looking forward to seeing your blog post! Be sure to link it to me on twitter xx

  3. I haven't been to Urban Outfitters in ages I really miss shopping there especially as you've picked up such gorgeous pieces xxxx


  4. Urban outfitters is always a little pricey, but these items you bought are lovely xx