Friday 24 January 2014

Surprise, surprise - I went shopping again. I may have a tiny addiction to shopping for clothes, especially when the January sales hit. I actually bought this stuff two weeks ago so I've been good since then! Yet again, I only went into Topshop and New Look. We already know I'm obsessed with Topshop, and New Look's sale is pretty amazing.

New Look

I can't remember how much this was - I'm so useless at remembering prices. It's no longer on New Look's website but I spotted loads in the sale. At first, I wasn't that taken with the floral print but it looks really nice on. I wore it on my birthday with a floral necklace - obsessed with florals much?!

It's made of a linen blend fabric, which doesn't mean anything to me! 

How cute is this?! As soon as I saw it I knew I had to buy it. I then saw the price tag (only £7.99 - link here) and was reassured by my choice. I used to own a top saying "Pugs not drugs" as that seemed to be the "in" top to wear but this beats it hands down. Why wouldn't you want a selfie-taking pug on your t-shirt?! 


I left out two of my purchases from Topshop but I got the green shift dress you can see from other birthday posts and burgundy Joni jeans. I'm absolutely in love with the jeans (they're jeggings really). I can only wear Topshop jeans - no other trousers fit me as well and they are so comfy! 

As well as floral prints I also love tops with birds on. I'm loving baggy tops at the moment because I'm wearing skinny jeans a lot. This time last year I was always in skirts and dresses but my legs are firmly in jeans this year. You can find the top here.

The only sale items I bought from Topshop were two necklaces - a bronze triangle one (£2.50) and a gold one with arrows pointing downwards (£4.50). 

I got another Topshop voucher for my birthday so I'll be spending even more money in there soon. I have a problem. 

much love, 


  1. I just HAD to show my housemate the pug top. She loves them! So cute. Also adore the topshop t-shirt. I miss wearing jeans at weekends, I've prefered wearing skirts at the moment but I think that's the lack of decent jeans and shoes in my life (roll on pay day!)

    Glad you had a lovely birthday too Cally :)

    Jo xxx


    1. Haha it's amazing isn't it? I've resorted to wearing shorts with tights but I'm forever ruining my tights! Jeans for me haha.

      It was lovely thank you - I have Harry Potter Studio Tour to look forward to as well, courtesy of Sam :D xxx

  2. Great haul! I especially love the floral top. It is so colourful :)

    1. Thank you! I'm a massive floral fan :) xxx