Saturday 4 January 2014

I've seen other bloggers do this so I thought I'd share with you the most popular posts of 2013. I've chosen the top 5 based on their hits, and I'm actually quite surprised about which ones appear here. If you missed them I'll put the link on the title so you can check them out now! 

Most of these came from November so that was a pretty successful month for me! 2013 was the year I started blogging and it's been so much fun. I hope 2014 will bring more blog posts and maybe even vlogs (watch this space throughout the year). 

much love, 


  1. I've loved reading your posts all year Cally, and I can't wait to see you write and grow in 2014 - you're going to achieve great things, I just know it! Happy New Year :)

    Jo xxx

  2. Lovely post hun :)

    I am currently hosting a Valentines Box Swap UK & would love it if you could take a look and maybe take part too! (link)

    Lucie // Fatbeautyx //  Vote for me in the #UKBA14