Wednesday 29 January 2014

You should all know how much I adore Soap & Glory products - I go on about it enough, and it's become a running joke with my family about how many of their products I own. For Christmas, my parents bought me a gift set with 3 of their gloss sticks - Nudist, Fuchsia-Ristic and Plum Jam. Here's my opinion on them.

Lip products have had a massive overhaul in the past few years in regards to their packaging. A few of the lipsticks/glosses I own look like pens, which is good if you want to hide the fact you're putting on make-up when you're at school.

The Loved & Glossed set retails at £16, and each one of these is worth £8 so you're basically getting one for free! When I first opened them I thought they looked a little bit heavy. That's a vague description but they looked really matte and I wasn't sure how they would fare on my lips. I stay clear of dark colours so I was hoping these wouldn't be too dark.

Top: Nudist
Middle: Fuchsia-Ristic
Bottom: Plum Jam 

  • Good for any occasion.
  • Nudist is the most beautiful, yet neutral, colour on the lips. 
  • There's a lot of product in the stick. 
  • Feels soft on the lips - quite hydrating and doesn't leave my lips feeling chapped. 


  • These aren't very long lasting and you'll need to keep applying throughout the day/night.
  • The Plum Jam and Fuchsia-Ristic colours can look quite similar so you'll have to apply quite a bit on the lips.
  • Sticky! My hair keeps getting covered in lip product, especially now it's really windy. 

Overall, I LOVE these gloss sticks! Nudist is the perfect day colour, Fuchsia-Ristic is lovely if you're feeling particularly girly and Plum Jam is an understated red for people, like me, who veer away from the dramatic colours.

This set isn't available to buy on Boots or the Soap & Glory website but you can find it on Amazon or ebay. 

love, Cally


  1. I got this in the sales- such a bargain! Plum Jam is my fave at the moment :)

    1. I like Plum Jam but Nudist is my absolute fave! :) x

  2. Love Soap and Glory, Using the bronzer at the moment as well as the body butter and exfoliator that makes my winter skin feel super smooth. Didn't see this gift set about at Christmas, If I had I would have bought these as gifts.Found you tonight on #lbloggers