Friday 10 January 2014

After the seriousness of yesterday's post I thought I'd give you something more lighthearted today - a review of Soap & Glory's mascara. I've been using it for a week or so but I'm already very impressed. I'll give you a general overview then some pros and cons of the mascara.

You should all know I adore Soap & Glory by now! My parents bought me a few of their products for Christmas, including some make-up. I've actually got two of these mascaras so I needed to go on a break with my Revlon and give this a chance.

The mascara claims to create longer, fuller, fabulous lashes. It features SUPERFILL Lash Fillers, SHINE AMPLIFIERS, NOFLAKE24 technology and wax film formers. We can all agree that this Soap & Glory Thick & Fast mascara is really going for the voluminous lashes crowd. If you want to see it in action then take a look at my main image on the side of this post or on my New Year's Eve post.


  • Lashes appear longer
  • Long lasting - lasts all day and night
  • Separates the lashes well (I always have problems with my lashes sticking together to look like thick strands)


  • There has been some clumping
  • Not as thick as it claims to be

I couldn't think of another con to make it even so this definitely gets the thumbs up for me! It retails at £10 but you can get it in different Soap & Glory sets inc. the Girl-O-Whirl or Yule Monty. 

Have you tried Thick & Fast? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

much love, 


  1. Love Soap and Glory makeup! I haven't tried the mascara before but I definitely want to now. Just started following you :) Josie xxx

    1. It's a good mascara to add a bit of volume! I'd definitely recommend it :) Thanks lovely xxx

  2. I've not tried any Soap and Glory Make up before -in fact I haven't tried anything other than bath products! I need to have a little look, I'm always hearing great things about their cosmetics.

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  3. I've started using this too and I've found it a little bit disappointing...but am willing to see if it grows on me! I DO like it lots though, definitely better than a lot of mascaras I've used in the past.

    Jo xxx

  4. Thank you I've been searching for a new mascara lately!

  5. This is my holy grail mascara. I also got one for Christmas and then got another in the sales with the eye shadow kit. I have found it can clump a little too but find this doesn't happen it you let it dry fully before applying another layer :)

    Kelsey xx

    1. I got 2 as well - they're in a lot of the Soap & Glory make-up sets. Ah that's good, I'll try that tactic then :) xx