Sunday 9 March 2014

Tanya Burr Lips and Nails

One of the biggest make-up releases this year was Tanya Burr's Lips and Nails collection. It launched on the 30th January and has quickly branched out into Superdrug. There are 12 lip glosses and 10 nail polishes in her range, all of which were named by Tanya and have cute names like Aurora, First Date and Picnic in the Park. I was excited to try the products so I quickly put in an order at Feel Unique!

The lip glosses range from shimmery to crรจme finishes. There are light pinks, dark pinks, bold reds and plum shades. They are £6.99 each, which is an affordable drugstore price. I picked up the shade Chic, I'd describe this as a nude pink; a natural lip but better type of colour.

Before I tell you about the product, let me start by saying I'm not a huge fan of lip glosses. They are far too sticky for my liking, and they never last very long because I can't help but lick away the stickiness (that sounds a little bit wrong doesn't it?!) I wasn't expecting to love this product but I was pleasantly surprised at its lasting power. I put it on to go to work and it lasted for my entire shift. The colour isn't the greatest because it's very close to my natural lip colour, but that's my own fault for not going for a more daring shade. I need to try the other shades but overall I'm impressed with the texture and the longevity of Chic.

Tanya Burr Lip Gloss in Chic

The nail polishes retail at £5.99, with colours ranging from the mint green, Little Duck, to the sophisticated grey, Penguin Chic. They claim to be non fade, chip resistant and long-lasting. I ordered New York Night because I instantly fell in love with its deep burgundy shade. 

Nail polishes are my kind of thing, I'm rarely without painted nails and I've used lots of nail polishes from a variety of different brands. I don't know what I was expecting from Tanya's offering but I loved the formula of this polish. I must admit, I wasn't keen on the brush. The top was very large so I had trouble trying to keep my hand steady, and I found the top hard to screw back on. These are all design faults so it's probably not worth mentioning them. I found the actual polish really impressive: it was resistant, didn't chip for good few days and stayed as dark as it was on its first application. It pretty much did everything it said on the tin. 

Tanya Burr Nail Polish in New York Night
Taken a few days after application

I wasn't expecting to be blown away by Tanya Burr Lips and Nails but I'm surprised at how much I like the products, especially the nail polish. I've got my eyes on a few other shades so excuse me whilst I make an order!

Have you tried the products? What are your thoughts?

love, Cally



  1. ive only heard good things about this range! I think I need to try some nail polishes :)

    Catherine x


  2. Glad to see they're doing well, especially as the brand seemed quite cheap! xx

  3. I really like the lipglosses a lot- apart from two of them which I don't love as much but they're still aright. However on trying the nail polishes I wasn't impressed. The first one I had was lovely but the other 3 I've tried so far have chipped within a day even with a top coat and the brush is annoying and the lid jams all the time. I spent half an hour trying to get a lid off the polish the other night and it had never even been opened before! I think it's luck of the draw with the nail polishes because some colours seem to be okay and others far from it xxx