Wednesday 19 March 2014

7 Bone Burger Co.
Last week, whilst I was in Southampton, Sam and I were in the mood for a hearty lunch, and we couldn't decide where to go. We'd both heard fantastic things about 7Bone, and I'd seen it featured on The Restaurant Man, so down we walked into the depths of Portswood to try one of their burgers.

7Bone Burger Co.
7Bone Burger Co.7Bone opened last year, providing American style comfort food to the students and locals of Southampton. Their goal is that every customer should leave with a (7)Boner - very punny! The menu includes beef burgers, chicken burgers, veggie patties, hot dogs etc. There's pretty much something for everyone. I, weirdly, never used to like burgers, and it's only recently that I've got a taste for them. So 7Bone was right up my street! 
We arrived on a quiet Friday, when the lunchtime rush was dying down, so we were seated straight away and allowed to peruse the delicious menu. I decided on the winner, winner burger, which contained buttermilk fried chicken breast, charred baby gem lettuce and 7Bone caesar dressing. Sam bought the prince charles is overrated burger; described as an aged beef patty with bacon, cheese, shredded iceberg, pickles and a dirty spread. He also bought the truffled mac n cheese and we shared some seasoned fries

Whilst we waited for our food, I couldn't help but admire the decor. The exposed brick work gave the place an edge, a run down feel that you don't usually get in other restaurants in Southampton.  The atmosphere was relaxed and all the waitresses were very friendly and inviting. I didn't feel like I was sitting in a restaurant in Southampton - it seemed like somewhere much quirkier like London!

7Bone Burger Co.
7Bone Burger Co.
The food arrived within 15 minutes of us ordering so I didn't have to feel hungry for very long before a tasty burger was placed in front of me. Our food was in red plastic baskets for an American diner style experience. I felt like I was in Grease or Saved by the Bell and had just gone on a first date to the local diner. 

Now onto the god, it was goooooood! The chicken was so juicy and tender that it melted away in my mouth with every bite. Even the lettuce tasted incredible, better than I ever expected lettuce to ever taste! I've heard a lot of people say that the burger is quite small but I didn't have this problem. I thought it was the right size, especially when accompanied with fries and mac'n'cheese. 

I wish I had enough room for dessert but Sam and I were bursting with 7Bone goodness that we couldn't eat another bite (and we even skipped dinner that night because we were satisfied long after the last bite). Next time I go, I want to try a hot dog and maybe even a shake or a waffle. 

If you're ever around Southampton for the weekend I'd definitely recommend going to 7Bone.The burgers are really cheap at around £6.50 so even if you're strapped for cash you'll probably be able to afford one of their divine burgers. It's tucked away from the main part of Portswood high street, nearing the infamous student haunts Jesters and Sobar. It was the perfect way to spend a Friday afternoon as the sun was going down. I lived in Southampton for 3 years whilst at university, and I wish 7Bone had opened up sooner. 

You must go! 

love, Cally

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