Wednesday 5 March 2014

Lush, Barry M, Revlon, Nip + Fab

I only have a few beauty favourites this month - all of which have featured on my blog previously. It's a good mix featuring a moisturiser, nail polish, lip scrub and a lip matte balm. So grab a cup of tea and enjoy finding out about the products I loved last month. 
This scrub gently exfoliates the lips to leave them incredibly soft, ready for the application of any lipstick/gloss. This weather always leaves my lips feeling dry and unloved so I was on the lookout for something to bring them back to their best. I couldn't resist the smell of this scrub. There are other scents available but I wanted the sugary sweetness of Bubblegum. The sugar crystals gently get rid of any dry skin, whilst the jojoba oil moisturises the lips. This also tastes amazing! You're meant to lick away any excess product so I've been absolutely loving putting this on recently. It tastes good and it's given my lips a much needed lift. 

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm
I picked this up a couple of weeks ago and it has firmly cemented itself as my favourite lip product. Bright colours never usually suit me, and I rarely veer towards a daring red lip, but this balm is incredible in giving me a bit of brightness in the lips without washing my face out. The shade is Elusive and it's a bright pink, perfect for a girly daytime look. It gives the lips a nice velvety matte finish, which is amazing as I don't like my lips to be glossy. Whenever I step outside my house with lip gloss on my hair blows into my face and sticks to my lips - not a good look! The matte balms come in 10 different shades and consist of Shea, Mango and Coconut Butter. This also smells amazing! I think it smells a bit like Peppermint, does anyone else think that too?

Barry M Silk Collection in Blue Mist
To see the effect of this nail polish, check out my NOTD post HERE. I picked this shade up on its release date in Boots a couple of weeks ago. I love Barry M nail polish, I think the formula is amazing for the price and it has great lasting power. I was intrigued by the Silk Collection. I've already got the normal nail paints, the gel paints released last summer and the matte polishes. I applied this on my nails last week and it lasted for 4/5 days without any chips. My nails constantly chip at work because I'm continually using my hands but this polish wouldn't budge! I'm definitely going back to Boots to buy a couple more shades. 

Nip + Fab Dry Leg Fix
Back in August I wrote a really short review of this moisturiser, which you can find HERE. I got it free with Cosmopolitan and I didn't think I'd like it that much. Once I started using it I fell in love with it! I stopped using it for some reason but I just started applying it on my legs again after shaving. My legs get so itchy after they've been shaved but this completely combats that. My legs feel smooth, probably thanks to the Shea Butter in the formula. Like I mentioned in my previous review, it has a bit of a weird smell but I've grown used to it now. Dry and itchy legs, be gone!

Other things I've been loving this month:
  • Lighter evenings - Summer is well and truly on its way!
  • London Grammar. I've heard of this group for months and months but I've finally listened to their music and I'm hooked. They are brilliant! I love all their songs, and they provide the perfect playlist for blog writing.
  • Arrow. I've just started the second season and I literally cannot tear myself away. It's a brilliant show, which isn't given enough credit for just how good it is. If you like DC comics or any superhero films then you'll love this. 

What were you loving last month?

love, Cally


  1. I've recently purchased the bubblegum lip scrub and I love it. It really does work!
    The nail polish is a gorgeous shade of blue.

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


  2. Love your choices here! I really want to try one of the Barry M Silk polishes. I'm loving the Matte Balms too this month, they're so pretty! x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  3. Lovely favs. I want to try the new Revlon matte balms asap, I see them everywhere. And with all these nourishing ingredients in, yep I have too! ♥♥♥

  4. great choices !! love the lip scrub i have one myself :)

  5. I love the Revlon Matte Balms but unlike you I dislike the scent and it makes my lips tingle too. I really need to try the Lush Lip Scrub.