Sunday 16 March 2014

Reading in the Sun

What a beautiful 7 days it's been. The sun has been shining and the bare legs are firmly out. To celebrate I've been reading in the garden and actually trying to get a tan. Even though it's the middle of March I've already got a tiny tan, such amazing weather! I'm still powering through with Wolf Hall but here's other things I've been getting up to this week.


I don't know why I wanted to take this photo. This ladybird flew at my arm as I was reading Wolf Hall. It landed on the ground and followed me into the living room. The dreaded bees and wasps are also making their summery comeback. I've never been stung by any of them before so I'm pretty terrified of their sting.


I headed to Southampton to visit Sam on Thursday. I sadly didn't manage to get a seat on the train so I had to stand by the door but I got to admire the amazing sights on the way. It was lovely seeing him: I arrived at 3 and we went to get a cider (because whenever the sun is out you got to have a cider!) We had a curry and watched Six Feet Under with some wine. Perfection. 

7Bone Southampton

On Friday, we went to 7Bone for dinner. We'd both heard great things about it so we were excited to try it. And oh my god, the food was amazing! I won't reveal too much because I've got a review coming soon so look out for that.

Saturday was another gorgeous day so we ended up buying ice cream from Sprinkles Gelato. It dripped everywhere but I was satisfied for the whole day.

Fry Up

Following Saturday night out, we were both really hungover this morning so we chose to have breakfast at Kate's in Portswood. It was delicious! Photos of fry ups seem to be quite common on my blog recently.

I hope you've all enjoyed your weekend! 

love, Cally


  1. I still haven't been to the 7Bone!! I really need to go, finally took the boyf for Sprinkles on Thursday though! xx

    Alice Anne | Annie Writes Beauty

  2. That fry up looks amazing .. any breakfast that includes baked beans get's a big YES from me :D

    I know it's only March but the sun certainly feels strong enough to burn, saying that I'm a red head and only have to be out in it for two seconds and I turn into a tomato!

  3. Oh my that dry up looks good - i've neglected having any sort of good old British fry up since moving to the US - the bacon nor the sausages aren't the same so it always seems to be lacking!

  4. Love the photos you took! And how delicious the food looks!