Sunday 17 November 2013

Welcome to the 6th week of  my Instagram Update. I've been up to less things this week - I returned from Southampton and got stuck in at work again.

On Sunday, I went for a meal with Sam to Pitcher and Piano. It's one of our favourite restaurants and we decided last minute to go for a meal because it was my last night in Southampton. He had 5 different dishes and I settled for the fish and chips. If you didn't read my life post/review on it then you can find it here.

On Monday it was back to work again, and it started off with a late shift to get ready for sale. I've had an ok week at work, it's not been great but I've been enjoying the sunny journey to work. Even though it's cold outside the sun is brightly shining. I took a photo of a tree with the leaves falling down because it reminds me of going to work and how relaxed I am on the bus journey, hopefully it will remind me to stay the same when I'm actually at work.

I bought myself a notebook from Waterstones to plan my blog posts on. I'm really getting into blogging lately. I'm posting almost every day because I enjoy it so much. It's a release for me after coming home from work. I can't just sit and watch television, I always need to be planning or writing something. This notebook will hopefully help me organise all my thoughts.

Friday was a rubbish day. I was put in the stockroom to tidy up the mess. My manager put me in there because he said I'm the tidiest person but I don't want to spend my entire shift in a cramped stock room. I didn't serve a customer at all that day, and I left feeling sick and exhausted. I did pop into Boots on my break and I bought Soap & Glory body butters to cheer me up. It kinda worked but I was really waiting for 6pm to hit when I could finally leave. I'm feeling better now but I do need to discuss it with my manager. I can't spend hours in the stockroom cleaning up after people!

I'm sorry if this week's post is a bit moany. Not to fear, next week I'm back in Southampton then off to Thurlestone for my boyfriend's parents' 50th birthday celebration. Look out for posts about my adventures next week.

I hope you've had a good weekend :) 

much love, 

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