Tuesday 26 November 2013

I love shopping during the Christmas period. I always have occasions for dresses, people to buy for and decorations to look at. Last week, I was on the lookout for a dress so I went along to Westfield with my mum.

Whenever I go to Westfield I always start on the more expensive floor - window shopping in Dior, Gucci, Jimmy Choo and Prada. I tell myself that one day I'll be able to afford all the expensive clothes but for now I'm content with Topshop, Zara and H&M!

We got to the centre at around 12:30 after I had finished work for the day. I heard some commotion and saw that a boxer (George Groves) was there filming for Sky Sports News. My mum and I went to check it out and we managed to get on TV! My brother spotted us in the background and recorded it for us to watch. It was very weird seeing myself on Sky Sports - I did look quite bored because I just wanted to shop haha.

I ended up buying 3 dresses (2 from Zara and 1 from H&M). I should be doing a haul post soon but here's the other things I bought.

Mini Haul

Christmas Penguin
If you read my Instagram Update this week, you would have seen this little guy featured on it. I've heard amazing things about Lush and I wanted to try out a bath bomb for myself. The people in store were very enthusiastic and convinced me to buy the Christmas Penguin. I'm yet to use it but I will let you know my thoughts on it in a future post.

Pleather skirt
I also bought a leather skirt from H&M. I own leather look leggings but I wanted something a bit different that I don't currently own, and I've seen lots of bloggers rave about their leather skirts so I wanted one of my own. I can't find this on the website but I'm certain it was £14.99!

much love, 


  1. I'm not from London so I've only ever been to the Westfield in Stratford City but I'd love to visit this one too - even though shops are generally the same everywhere, there's something exciting about going somewhere new! xx

  2. Hi! I really like your blog so I have nominated you for a liebster award!
    Go to my blog and check it out :) all the info is there xx

  3. I love Westfield shopping too! You can literally spend the whole day there eating and shopping :) Love the skirt :) xx