Thursday 7 November 2013

Here are some of my overnight essentials. If I'm staying with my boyfriend, these are my go-to products in my overnight bag. These aren't all my essentials by the way, I've picked a few just to show you!

First up, I usually have my Topshop Leigh jeans. They are literally falling apart at the seams so I need a new pair but I kinda like the look of a scruffy pair of jeans with boots. The top I'm wearing is one I've featured on my blog before, it's one from Primark that I got for £5. It's loose fitted, which is just what I like with a pair of skinnies. As the weather is getting colder, I usually wear scarves all the time - I'm not a fan of knitted ones, and I picked this particular one up from an Indian dress shop for £1!

I have a Mulberry make-up bag with my essentials. My essential products are Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, Natural Collection blusher in Peach Melba and Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me. I have a lot of blemishes so I need good coverage.

I always bring deodorant, body spray and perfume with me. I've been using Armani Diamonds in Black Carat, which is one of my faves! Batiste has now become a must have for me, as my hair gets greasy so quickly so I need the added lift. Moisturiser and nail polish are always handy because my nails constantly chip and the water in Southampton dries my face. Add jewellery to the mix and I'm good to go!

I hope you enjoyed this post, it's another random one this week but as I'm spending the week with my boyfriend I thought it might be relevant!
much love,


  1. Hi Doll,
    Your blog is so cool,Very good layout!!
    That's why I nominated you for The Leibster Award.You can go over to my blog and check it out for all the information! Well Done xxx


  2. Scarf was a good bargain! I love them too. I want to try the Peach Melba blush- don't think I have any peach shades in my collection and the Pink Cloud one they do is lovely.

    1. They are really good blushes for the price, I recommend! :) x

  3. i think i really need to get batiste! heard so many good things about it! nice post! :) xx


  4. Lovely essentials here you really cant go without batiste or dry shampoo at that :P xx


  5. Ahh is there anyone who doesn't love Baby Lips? Perfect for a subtle hint of colour as well as moisturising your lips! :) xx

    EmmaBelleFashion | Twitter